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Serving the construction and lifetime of offshore wind farms

Acta Marine is a maritime support provider with a versatile fleet of over 40 vessels.

Acta Marine
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Simon Anink - General Manager Commercial Offshore
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Acta Marine is a maritime support provider with a versatile fleet of over 40 vessels. We operate globally; supporting clients working on coastal infrastructure and offshore energy projects. We work in a broad range of maritime sectors. DP Multicats, Walk-to-work vessels, crew transfer vessels, multipurpose & survey vessels, and barges – our fleet is capable of taking on a wide scope of jobs. With a long-term focus, we take care of all aspects of our business; our clients, business partners, our people, our assets, and the environment we work in.

The team

Established in 1970, Acta Marine is backed up by more than 45 years of experience. At the core of the company is a team of 250 dedicated personnel. With our proven track record, we strive continuously to optimise our services, providing our clients with the most effective solutions.

Total service
Our versatile fleet delivers service to the whole lifecycle of offshore wind farms. We have more than 40 vessels including:

  • DP2, Walk-to-Work CSV's;
  • DP Multicats;
  • shoalbusters;
  • crew transfer vessels (CTV’s);
  • survey vessels & barges.

Preparation & survey
Our DP Multicats and survey vessels support the initial stages of offshore wind farm development:

  • preliminary surveys;
  • geo-technical research;
  • UXO investigations and clearance.

Construction and O&M
Providing tailor-made solutions: we have a suitable vessel for every type of construction and O&M requirement including balance of plant maintenance.

Our DP2, Walk-to-Work Construction Support Vessel Acta Orion, together with our CTV’s offers construction and service operation support. The Acta Orion provides:

  • 80 POB accommodation;
  • comfort class II;
  • motion compensated gangway operations over 2.50 metres Hs;
  • crane ten tonnes at 17.5 metres lifting capacity.
  • cargo space for over 20 TEU’s;

In 2018, Acta Marine’s Walk to Work construction support vessel Acta Auriga has joined Acta Orion and as such form the second vessel in the Acta fleet dedicated for walk to work, offshore logistics, and accommodation services for a variety of clients in the offshore renewable and oil and gas industry.

Acta Auriga provides:

  • state of the art hotel facilities toaccommodate up to 120 persons;
  • safe and stepless people and cargo transfer by motion compensated gangway up to Hs 3 metres;
  • 3D motion compensated knuckle boom crane for 6 ton cargo handling insea conditions up to Hs 2.50 metres;
  • optimised hull form with Ulstein X-BOW and X-STERN to offer unmatched workabilityin adverse weather conditions;
  • 1,000m2 deck space for cargo storage.

Cable operations
Between 2 and 20 metres waterdepth, we can support numerous cable related activities:

  • (re)burial;
  • recovery;
  • shore-ends;
  • shallow water passages;
  • remedial work.


Photo of Acta Marine
Photo of Acta Marine
Photo of Acta Marine
Photo of Acta Marine
Photo of Acta Marine

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