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Biardo Survival Suits B.V. is a provider of personal safety equipment in the offshore wind industry. We supply, rent-out and maintain survival suits & lifejacket systems for a wide variety of companies in the offshore wind industry...

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Biardo Survival Suits B.V. is a provider of personal safety equipment in the offshore wind industry. We supply, rent-out and maintain survival suits & lifejacket systems for a wide variety of companies in the offshore wind industry. We have specially designed products to ensure optimal functionality and performance for all types of work at sea. Therefore we are working with the highest quality standards available for our products, like ETSO, EASA and SOLAS approvals.

Biardo survival suits’ all in one solution for the offshore wind To provide all our customers the best SOLAS equipment to do their operations as safe as possible we put together a complete package to meet the highest safety standards offshore.

The Dolphin working survival suit has a SOLAS-approval and is the perfect light weight working survival suit. This completely new survival suit is developed by Biardo Survival Suits B.V. and is made of new HP-superlight breathable outer fabric. The parts on knees, arms and seat are reinforced. The neck and wrist seals are made of fire retardant neoprene. The ergonomic advantages of this suit, such as big pockets, socks, hood, gloves and elastic in the back, make this suit lightweight, comfortable and easy to wear. These qualities make the Dolphin the perfect Lightweight SOLAS approved working survival suit.

The BIARDO 300N SOLAS lifejacket can be used for all purposes. It is comfortable to wear and easy to use. This lifejacket has an automatic and manual inflation system. When the water sensitive cartridge comes in contact with water it activates the automatic CO2 gas inflation mechanism. The BIARDO 300N provides a minimum of 300 Newton when fully inflated and makes it suitable for user of 43KG upwards. As optional accessories a personal locator beacon can be fitted to the lifejacket as follow up system for faster recovery during a man over board situation.

The W470 MOB AIS is an extremely small and light personal safety device. Working on VHF maritime band as MOB AIS and Homing VHF 121.5 MHz, complete with GPS positioning. This personal locator beacon with AIS can be worn around the neck by its flexible silicone rubber covered antenna or it can be fitted directly into the lifejacket or lifeboat. It can be manually activated (by pressing the large button) or automatically through the marine sensors.

We supply many survival suits, such as working survival suits, immersion suits, helicopter transportation suits, pilot suits and trainings suits. We also have lifejackets with or without (re) breather system, personal locator beacons and receivers.

Our products:

  • helicopter transportation suits;
  • survival suits;
  • work suits (ORCA);
  • lifejackets;
  • lifejacket with EBS or re-breather system;
  • personal locator beacons with GPS and AIS.

Our customers:

  • contractors in the offshore wind;
  • oil & gas companies;
  • helicopter companies;
  • transportation (air or vessel) companies;
  • energy companies;
  • ship pilots.
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