Integrated solutions for the offshore energy market

Newly formed RanaWorks translates the competence of its founders into solutions that meet the needs of the North Sea energy market. Over 80 years of experience of RANA Diving SpA and Workships Contractors BV...

K.P. van der Mandelelaan 34
3062 MB Rotterdam

Rutger Lieverse, Business Development Manager | Philip Woodcock, General Manager
+31 (0)10 453 03 77
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Newly formed RanaWorks translates the competence of its founders into solutions that meet the needs of the North Sea energy market. Over 80 years of experience of RANA Diving SpA and Workships Contractors BV, prove that we not only understand the needs of our clients, but are also fully committed to providing the best possible solutions.

Due to our deep knowledge of the technology, systems and vessels we use, we are able to offer you maximum flexibility in the dynamic offshore energy market. Our service portfolio includes a variety of stand-alone services both subsea and above waterline, which can be easily combined into an integrated package to achieve the best value for money without compromising safety and quality.

Strong relationships
RanaWorks prides itself on building strong relationships based on personal approach, flexibility and proven reliability, ensuring that clients receive practical solutions to their operational challenges. Both our founding companies are IMCA members and are certified to the international standards expected by the industry such as ISO 9001 and 14001, OHSAS 18001 and IRATA.

Extensive experience
RANA has more than 50 years’ experience in commercial diving and subsea operations, which includes owning, developing and operating air and saturation diving systems, ROV’s as well as engineering and survey. Workships has been a marine asset manager and vessel operator for nearly 30 years, with extensive experience in the offshore oil & gas and wind industries.

Integrated solutions
Together with our committed team of professionals, RanaWorks delivers integrated solutions by the use of diving, ROV, working at height and rope access services, through all stages of the offshore asset lifetime:

  • preliminary surveys and installation support;
  • surveying works;
  • UXO detection and removal;
  • pull-in support;
  • scour protection;
  • base harbour support.
  • inspection, repair and maintenance;
  • visual and NDT inspections;
  • electrical and mechanical support;
  • technical maintenance and repairs;
  • anti-corrosion services;
  • removals and upgrades;
  • engineering.
  • lifetime extension services and decommissioning;
  • logistics, engineering and project management;
  • marine asset supply and management.
Photo of RanaWorks

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