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Critical communication and tracking for wind farms

Offshore and onshore wind park solutions: Building and operating a wind farm requires very complex logistics and supply chain processes. These activities also require the compliance to strict rules, especially with regard to health and safety. To meet the health and safety requirements, it is necessary for the installation and service teams to have the ability to communicate between the workers as well as with the coordination centre at any time, as well as the ability to locate the workers wherever they are in the field.

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Voice communication subsystem

The communication subsystem is provided as a fully integrated turnkey solution. It typically comprises a professional Mobile Radio system like TETRA, Marine VHF, Airtraffic VHF and IP telephony integrated with the corporate telephony system. Its core integration element is a market-leading dispatching system based on a full IP architecture capable to interconnect to all the different communication technologies, including public systems like GSM or LTE based mobile networks. In addition to the interconnection between such networks the system also provides the capability of conferencing across those networks. Apart from offering professional mobile radio features such as group call, emergency call, and others, the servers also enable unique  features such as ‘touch and call’ to directly initiate a call with personnel from within a map by touching icons of tracked staff. 

Broadband wireless subsystem

The demand for a mobile office environment in the wind farm drives the need for bandwidth in all areas of a wind farm. Siemens Convergence Creators can provide broadband solutions (e.g. for internet access for vessels) utilising WiMax or LTE for offshore locations. For onshore wind farms, wireless networks are typically available from public network providers. 

People and vehicle tracking subsystem 

The people and vehicle tracking subsystem provides a comprehensive application suite for tracking and managing staff and fleet elements. This subsystem can handle position data from individuals carrying a tracking device such as TETRA handheld with GPS, smartphone, Bluetooth Beacon, or RFID card to swipe on dedicated gates. Similarly, the subsystem can track vehicles such as cars, vessels, and helicopters utilising different technologies to retrieve their position data. In addition to real-time tracking data processing as described above, the subsystem provides a complete management package to manage people and vehicles and their corresponding trips and manifests. This makes it possible to keep track of them and enables activity planning, which is indispensable for operators wanting to make optimal use of their resources.

Photo of Siemens Convergence Creators

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